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The power of "Immortal Yang" is the purest masculine power between heaven and earth, which can burn all flesh and blood and soul!

"Is it all planned?" Are you going to let him step over my body and ascend to the position of the head as the first person in the clan? A flash of lightning flashed through Lin Xi's mind, and he finally understood the idea of the incredible Shenxiaozong Master on the high platform. Lin Xi's heart has been filled with deep doubts, originally he was ready to sacrifice a few "external incarnation" at the cost of breaking away from Shenxiaozong and leaving here. Unexpectedly, the two most feared masters and deputy masters did not make a move. Only then did I understand that I didn't make a move because I didn't need to make a move! In this scene, which has been prepared for a long time, the "son of God" is the opponent they have arranged for themselves. Suppress yourself, and then cheer, ascend to the position of "sect master"! www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 1013 bloodthirsty leader. co Hundreds of thoughts flashed through Lin Xi's mind in an instant. The way had been cut off. Behind him was the master of Shenxiao Zong and countless elders. The real "wolf before and tiger after", in the face of this dangerous desperate situation, Lin Xi's heart calmed down instead. Now that you can't leave peacefully, there's only war! In the void, Lin Xi straightened his body, his eyes were like lightning, and he was intertwined with the "son of God", facing the "great enemy" of his life! Fairy Yang Huang Huang, flame hunting. The "Son of God" stands in the void, and the breath on his body swallows the sky and the earth. He stood in front of Lin Xi, like a boundless majestic peak across the void, gods and demons flinch, mountains and rivers look back! Although he is only one person,MBR reactor, but the momentum, but like thousands of immortal strong, frightening, frightening! "Do you think you can escape to this day?" The "son of God" looked cold and fierce, his eyes flashed cold, and when he stepped slowly at his feet, the huge pressure rolled in like a tide. At this moment,fine bubble diffuser, time seems to stand still. Lin Xi stood in the void, feeling great pressure on his shoulders! "Lin Xi, it's not so easy to betray the door." At that moment, the voice of Shenxiao Zongzhangjiao sounded in the void, the voice was calm, neither high nor low, if there was no anger, it seemed that everything in his eyes could not stir up any waves: I will give you one more chance to accept the punishment of the sect and give up what you have, and you can still live as an ordinary person. With your immortal foundation, you can live a peaceful life for at least two hundred years without worrying about food and clothing. Or Even be an ordinary person. I'm afraid you can't get it either. The calm voice reveals the last and most fatal ultimatum- "life" or "death"! "Master!"! ——” A desperate call came from the platform of death, and the plea of the law enforcement elders was sad and frightened: "Lin Xi did not betray the idea of Zongmen, the world of hell is absolutely his own mistake ah.". Ask the master to give him another chance. Hearing the master's voice, Lin Xi felt sour in his heart until now. He hasn't given up hope yet. But it was all in vain. The master had not yet seen the general trend clearly, but Lin Xi knew that it was inevitable for the "Son of God" to inherit the great system and take charge of the sect. If he continued to entangle, Belt Filter Press ,multi disc screw press, the future "Son of God" would be in charge of teaching, and the law enforcement elders, together with the brothers in the law enforcement hall, would sink deeply. If it is not broken, there will be disasters. Master. I'm sorry. Lin Xi took a deep breath. Eyes flashed a ray of light, resolute and decisive way: "Needless to say, I can never say yes!" A clanging sound. It sounds like a river flowing eastward. Never look back when the sun is falling in the west. In that case, you will die with the dust! The voice of the "son of God" rumbled like thunder, and in his eyes, the cold light flashed, and he shot in an instant. Boom! No one found out how the "God son" shot, and by the time he found out, he had already hit Lin Xi. The boundless "Jiuyang Immortal Qi" turned into a huge scorching sun, which burst out violently and hit Lin Xi's five incarnations. A Glimpse of the Great Immortal Art! The power of the unique learning of the Taiyuan Palace in the hands of the "God Son" is totally different from that of Li Qiubai, one in the sky and one in the ground! "Ah!"! ——” Lin Xi cried out, and the endless stream of sun fire poured into his body, and the whole person seemed to be burning. Just a moment, they were shaken out, blood spilled in the sky, the continuous "Xianyang" True Qi is still endless, dragging Lin Xi, in the void to draw a huge arc, to his body with the void, completely evaporated from the world! The power of "Immortal Yang" is the purest masculine power between heaven and earth, which can burn all flesh and blood and soul! A blow, just a blow, "God son" will be in the eyes of countless shocks, with absolute crushing strength, crisp and neat defeat of Lin Xi! Immortal Way Ten "Only Realm"! Even the superposition of quantity can not make up for the gap in this realm. Senior fellow apprentice Seeing Lin Xi burning red flames all over his body and falling down in an arc in the void, a disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall exclaimed one after another, and Bai yuan and others made a gesture to swoop to meet him. At that moment, the mutation protrudes! "Hum!" As soon as the void shook, a brilliant light turned into a "rainbow of thousands of miles", which quietly passed through the prohibition of Shenxiao Mountain and appeared behind Lin Xi. Boom! In the loud noise, a huge cactus, as big as a mountain peak, as red as blood jade, five fingers burst out of the colorful light, with a bang, holding Lin Xi, saved him. In the huge cactus, a vast red light rushed into Lin Xi's body, resisting the extreme "power of immortal Yang" of the "son of God" and expelling most of the power of immortal Yang. Born from the same root, why is it too urgent to fry each other? A brilliant voice, rumbling like thunder,rapid sand filters, suddenly sounded between heaven and earth: "Zhang Xuanlan, this disciple, you Shenxiaozong don't want it. I'll take it for you!" 。