Painting horror

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You shouldn't hesitate, you should make a decision early, just a day earlier, even a few hours earlier, maybe we'll go out.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. Which one of us is with whom?" Opposite Mai Peng smiled. When people die, they will meet another self. Mai Peng believed this. In another world, where Mai Peng could not see, Xinchun was galloping towards a place full of hope. Everyone tried to keep a safe posture and grasp the hair on Xinchun's back to prevent being thrown out in the wind and lightning. Only Cao Youning has been shivering, Ke Xun crawled to his side, patted him on the shoulder, but also failed to calm him down. The front is getting brighter and brighter, and the snow is as bright as moonlight. Xinchun finally stopped on a large protruding ice rock, and Fang Fei observed the geographical location: "The cold night trip has arrived." Everyone came down from the back of Xinchun one after another, and before they could see the whole picture of the giant dog Xinchun, it had already returned to its original small state and jumped into Luo's arms with a "whine". Qin Ci looked at his cell phone: "The time function has disappeared again." Shao Ling: "We can judge from the function of the mobile phone whether it is still within the Fourth Brigade. After all, the exit where the signature is located is outside the Fourth Brigade." Weidong also felt reasonable: "That is to say, once our mobile phone restored the time function again, it means that we have found the exit." Shao Ling: "That's the truth. Just now the speed of Xinchun was very fast. I looked at my watch when I arrived at my destination. It only took me less than an hour on the way." At this time, the place where everyone is is a platform covered by ice, and in front of it seems to be a large glacier with ice caves on it. As soon as everyone spoke,industrial racking systems, there would be a white breath. Ke Xun looked around: "Those pictures of white fish were taken in a very dark place, and the fish were in the water. I think we can go into this ice cave to have a look." Everyone agreed, so they went into the nearest ice cave. Cao Youning could not suppress his trembling: "Is death really unpredictable and unpreventable?"? Once you get to that point in time, no matter how safe you are, will you die? Zhu Haowen: "Unless you are outside the painting." Cao Youning's expression was extremely painful. There were five of them when they came, and now he was the only one left. Weidong tried to encourage him: "We must hurry up,asrs warehouse, once we find the signature, we will no longer be manipulated by the timeline!"! Let's go quickly and look for it quickly. Don't delay a second! Cao Youning's eyes were empty and his voice trembled: "I seem to have seen the knife.." "What knife?" Weidong was puzzled. The knife I used to cut my wrists. I saw it. I cut my wrists with that knife. Cao Youning is like a mentally disturbed person, whose wandering soul has gone, leaving only walking corpses. Don't scare me. Are you freezing and hallucinating? Weidong patted him on the shoulder and then looked at Fang Fei. "Lord Wu, did you pat him?" Fang Fei came over, the white mask looked at Cao Youning for a moment, then shook his head and did not speak. Go on. There's no time to lose. Shao Ling had a premonition of something, but did not say it. At this time, he had to let everyone speed up as much as possible. As we went deeper into the cave, the light became darker and the air became warmer, and there was no ice or snow in the depths of the cave. Some upside-down ice picks above the cave began to fall down one by one as they melted. Weidong was hit on the head by an ice pick, feeling some pain: "Everyone pay attention, heavy duty cantilever racks ,metal racking systems, wear a good hat, this thing hit people too painful..." Weidong's words have not finished, suddenly came the side of Cao Youning's screams: "Ah-no-" They hurried up, only to see Cao Youning covering his left wrist, where blood kept spattering, and on the ground was an ice pick broken into several sections. Is it an ice pick? Shao Ling is a little incredulous. The ice hammer is like a knife. Cut off my artery.. Cao Youning himself could not believe it. "Save me. I don't want to die." "First aid!"! Hurry up and bandage! Qin Ci unloaded the medicine box behind him and began to prepare tools quickly. But the blood on Cao Youning's wrist began to spurt out like a fountain, even if it was bandaged to no avail. "No!"! Nope Cao Youning's voice gradually weakened, when Qin Ci thought he had finally controlled the blood flow of the wound, suddenly in the vicinity of the wound again opened a bloody mouth, blood gushed out again. Can't be stopped. It's fate, it's death caused by the staggered time line. Fang Fei's voice is very helpless. Ke Xun began to give Cao Youning first aid for cardiac resuscitation. As long as his teammates still had a chance of survival, they could not be allowed to die like this. Cao Youning's eyes are gradually losing light: "I seem to have seen another self." You shouldn't hesitate, you should make a decision early, just a day earlier, even a few hours earlier, maybe we'll go out. "I don't believe you die in another time line in a flash, cut your wrists, there's always a slow process," Ke Xun tried to wake him up, "you won't die so soon, cheer up!" "No time, go to find the signature," Zhu Haowen turned his back and tried to make his voice merciless, "the front is the water, the white fish must be in the water." Ke Xun simply carried Cao Youning on his back: "Go, go!" Go, can only go forward, race against time to find the signature. There was water in front of him, and in the light of the cave, the color of the water seemed to be black. There are fish swimming in the water, just like the white fish in the picture. The fish are alive, and there is no rigidity in the picture. Zhu Haowen observed the fish in the water. Keep walking along the water's edge and pay attention to every corner around you. Mu Yiran said to everyone, looking around, "pay attention to the mobile phone, once the time display appears, stop immediately." The author has something to say: Death is the cruelest place in the infinite stream. Yue is very reluctant to give up Mai Shen. Alas, there are other arrangements for the next painting,teardrop pallet racking, which can only be chosen. Chapter 250 reverse brigade 35 out of the painting. A line of people walk along the water, Ke Xun carrying Cao Youning who has fainted due to excessive blood loss, Weidong in the back to help.