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Our Yimen is not so feudal." "Well, who almost had an arranged marriage when he was twelve?"

Lin Qingwan glanced at Fang and said with a smile, "So you have to think clearly. Look, we got a reward of 145 million yuan, but if the villa can't be realized, we can only get two million yuan in cash." Although Fang Wen has been in the world for many years, he has only learned to eat, drink and play games. He still doesn't know much about buying a house and buying land. Only then did he realize that what he had picked up was not a fragrant baboon, but also a rotten egg in his hand. He covered his chest for a moment, and his heart ached. Chapter 63 be happy. Yi Han first drove Lin Ching-wan back to the Plum Fragrance Garden. Fang Wen looked out and looked around and said, "I didn't pay attention to it last time. This time, the geomantic omen of the Plum Fragrance Garden is really good. There are many school parks around here. No wonder." No wonder the house price is more expensive than the villa. Only then did Fang realize that Lin Ching-wan was still an invisible rich man. The premise is that she treats the house as a commodity and can sell it at any time. Otherwise it is a home, since it is a home, that is the place to live and live, naturally can not be realized, her property will be able to see these. Before noon, Lin Qingwan was somewhat worried that modern money was not so easy to earn, but she did not want Grandpa to worry about money. He wantonly all his life, even when he was in middle age, he was still in a natural and unrestrained way, and he bowed down for money. Even if he is not ill now, Lin Ching-wan also knows that his time will not be too much, two or three years later, his grandfather will not be able to accompany her to breakfast do not know. She wanted his old age to be comfortable and fulfilling, not a rush for money. So she has to make money,Magnesium Sulphate producer, not for anyone, but for herself. With more money, she can make more choices. She can choose to give it out or use it for other purposes. And there are many ways to give it out. Only if she has enough money, she will be more confident. But this is not the beam, she is not the powerful aunt Lin, she wants to make money, not a lot of people obey orders. Here, even if she bought a steamed stuffed bun,calcium nitrate sol, she had to walk through Tianjie Street by herself, standing at the back of the line and moving forward slowly. If you want to make money, you have to look at people's faces, fight wits and courage, be gentle but not flattering, and be friendly but not weak. But now she knows that she is luckier than many people in the world because she seems to have a new skill for making money. Well, it's a bit of a scam, though. Anyway, she was completely relieved, so she was in the mood to joke with her friends, "Do you think there is a huge gold ingot hanging behind me, shining?" Yi Han smiled, "you're shining without gold ingots." He turned the eye of heaven, glanced at her whole body, nodded slightly and said, "Yes, the merits and virtues are almost covered up." Fang Wen hesitated for a moment, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but still bit his finger in pain and drew an amulet to look at it. He saw that she was really angry all over her body, leaving only some golden light leaking out. Even if he drew the amulet, what he could see was limited. He immediately withdrew his line of sight, rubbed his sour eyes and said, "People really can't compare their talents with others. They will be angry to death." She has only been in the Tao for a few days and she can be so effective. Fang asked a sad sigh, envious and jealous look at Lin Qingwan, and look at Yi Han, once again can not help but sigh heavily. Yi Han ignored him and got out of the car to open the door for Lin Qingwan. "Go up quickly. Grandpa Lin is still waiting for you to have dinner.". You have run a lot of places today, and you are tired. Go to bed early. "Would you like to go up and have a meal before you go?" "No, we have to go back to the base." Yi Han paused and said, "Let Fang Wen take you to the compound tomorrow. I'm afraid I can't spare the time." Lin Ching-wan knew that he probably had another task, so she couldn't help saying, "Pay attention to your safety." Yi Han gave a gentle hum and watched her enter the corridor before getting on the bus. Fang Wen is sad, see he got on the car but did not go, still staring at the outside, said: "Don't look, stare at her again can not turn down, let's go quickly." Yi Han did not move, "you go to the courtyard tomorrow to stretch some, let Qingwan only treat him once, don't let him recover too quickly." "I know, lest their family feel that we have not done enough and have benefited too much.". By the way, are you going or not? Yi Han saw the curtain fluttering, seemed to faintly hear the voice of Grandpa Lin laughing, then knew that Lin Qingwan was back home, this just started the car. Fang asked that the five senses were also sensitive, and naturally he was aware of it. He came forward curiously and felt that it was inconvenient to talk like this. He simply squeezed over from the middle and sat directly in the passenger seat, staring at him with shining eyes and asking, "I said, you don't really want to marry her, do you?" Yi Han raised his eyebrows. "I thought I was obvious enough. Didn't you see that I was pursuing her?" Fang Wen was frightened. He covered his chest and said, "No, but I know you have nothing to do. You are either a traitor or a thief. Sure enough, you are a traitor and a thief!" Yi gave him a cold look. Fang was not afraid at all. "Will your clan agree?" He asked. "What age is this? As early as eighty years ago, free love was advocated. Our Yimen is not so feudal." "Well, who almost had an arranged marriage when he was twelve?" At this point, Fang rolled his eyes and asked, "Was the girl your master told you about Sister Xu of Baicaotang?"? Is she all right now? Yi Han frowned, time is too long, he does not care, where to remember? As soon as Fang asked, he understood. "Poor beauty," he said with a sigh. With a black face, Yi Han laughed and scolded, "Get out of here. Sister Xu was only ten years old at that time. What kind of poor beauty?" Fang asked not to bother him and asked with a smile, "What task did you take this time?" "There were several strange accidents in the south. The colleagues of the police station went to see them and found that the luck of several people who had accidents was somewhat abnormal. They looked like people who had a long life, but in fact they were black. It seemed that they were sinful. Some people suspected that their luck had been borrowed.". But they can't find any clues, so let's go down and have a look. After a pause, Yi Han said, "This time I'll only take Zhou Zhou down, and the others will stay at the base camp. You help me watch, so that they don't have to take all the tasks.". If you can,Magnesium Oxide price, you can send one or two people over there to help, and you don't have to do anything, just save their lives at the critical moment. 。