Wear it quickly

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Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirting.

"Well," he thought for a long time, "becoming a pirate is purely an opportunity! At that time, the old woman's child was captured by pirates, and I wanted to save his son, but I didn't expect to kill the leader of the pirates at that time. "Ang," she couldn't help chuckling. "It seems that the name of Emperor Shao depends entirely on luck!" "It seems that you don't want to be my Crown Princess!" He gently took her waist, with an evil smile in his eyebrows and eyes. That kind of look is the exclusive mark of this sea emperor. You, you, you, you are not the one who abandoned his wife after the legendary success in the dark. Before she could finish, a cool kiss fell on her pink lips. Still as overbearing as the first, still as hot as the first, still as affectionate as the first. He answered her question in the most direct way. Can only say, this is very Chu Ximo. He was very gentle to let go, gently hugged her off the ground and said: "However, it is true that you are not the Crown Princess!" " "Huh?" "Because you're going to be the queen!" "What?" For the next half hour, Chu Ximo and she fully explained how busy he was these days. But busy,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, every night he would go back to the gold pavilion, although most of the time, she had fallen asleep. His father and his mother were a couple who had fallen in love at dusk. In their eyes, the great events of the court would only affect their deep love for each other. So soon? After listening to Chu Ximo's explanation, Luo Qingchen seemed a little unhappy. No wonder there are a few little servant girls whispering gossip recently, a new batch of show girls are about to enter the palace,stainless steel welded pipe, dare these show girls are not prepared for the emperor, is prepared for Chu Ximo ah! Is it true that once a person has the opportunity to have three wives and four concubines, or even three thousand beauties, he will always be unable to control the palpitations in his heart? "Why?" Chu Ximo's dark eyes looked at her angry little face and said, "Can't our wife be the queen?" "The queen is the last word on this matter!" Luo Qingchen's eyebrows and eyes trembled slightly, and his clear eyes flashed a faint streamer and looked at him and said, "I heard that there are going to be a new batch of beautiful girls in the palace!" "Oh," Chu Ximo's eyebrows and eyes were full of smiles, and the corners of his mouth outlined a beautiful arc: "Maybe it's because I've been too busy recently, and Grandfather Liu didn't specifically tell me about it." Chu Ximo's answer was ingenious and completely understated. But Luo Qingchen is very clear, he! Listen! Yes! Understood! "You" "All right!" Chu Ximo gently touched her head and said, "After the grand ceremony of succession and the grand ceremony of enfeoffment, I will take care of these trivial things." Trivial corners? In her eyes, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, this is obviously the most important thing, okay? After all, she still has 10% of the good feeling did not get, for those Yingying Yanyan Xiu Nu, or have to guard against it! Chapter 1227 Emperor of the Sea: The Lord of the Stronghold Raises High (38) One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! Three days later, after the ceremony. She was dressed in a bright red floor-dragging skirt with flowers, a double-ring bun, and a big hairpin with a point of jade inlaid on the top of her head. Chu Ximo took her hand and gazed at her white face and red lips. It was a very solemn ceremony, but when Chu Ximo looked at her, she suddenly wanted to laugh. I always felt that such a ceremony had a different feeling from when I was in Blood Blue Island. While she was still shaking, Chu Ximo lowered his head slightly and whispered in her ear: "Because it's you, I need this identity to make you stand beside me." Ding's likability is increased by ten, and the completion of the task is 100%. This is probably the most beautiful love words she has ever heard in this plane. Luo Qingchen chuckled and lowered his head with some embarrassment. The blush on her cheeks spread to her ears and fascinated her girlish heart. Although she really didn't care whether she was a pirate's wife or a queen. In fact, as long as that person is him, she has only one identity. That's his wife. After the ceremony, the emperor and the queen mother went to the summer resort hand in hand and lived a life like a fairy couple. But Chu Ximo is falls into the unprecedented busyness, after he sits firmly in the dragon position, the first time sends the person to go to the blood blue island to meet once accompanied him to go through life and death the brother. Luo Qingchen also knew this matter, but there was no Qingwei among them, and the body of Jiyu disappeared together. No one knew where she had gone, or whether she was alive or dead. To tell you the truth, Luo Qingchen didn't care much about whether she was alive or dead. If you have to choose: or die! After all, the news she revealed that time killed Ji Yu alone. Ji Yu may be able to forgive her, but those who died in vain, I am afraid it is impossible to forgive her. These days, because Chu Ximo is very busy, Luo Qingchen does not stay in the palace most of the time. If you have nothing to do, you can disguise yourself as a man and go out for a walk, or go back to your mother's home for two days. Little did they know that when they came back, the palace had changed! Chu Ximo probably handed over the matter of Xiu Nu to Grandfather Liu, who was quite active. Take advantage of her absence from the palace to arrange the rooms of those beautiful girls! In anger, she went directly to Chu Junting to drink to drown her sorrows! Tell me about it! Is it too much for your brother to do so? This ceremony has not been over for a long time! Unexpectedly "" "Calm down," Chu Junting looked a little anxious, eyebrows flashing, absent-minded said: "Brother probably does not know this matter!" "Chu Junting" "Yes!" The next second, Luo Qingchen lifted the wine glass and threw it accurately in the direction of the screen. Ouch. There was a scream, and a man with a white face and a scholar came out, dressed in a light gray robe, which looked familiar. You're not Su Cheng! The fingertips of Luo Qingchen's right hand knocked habitually on the table,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and a touch of inquiry and doubt flashed through his eyes. He looked at him and said, "In the middle of the night, you are in the princess's room.". sxthsteel.com