Luzhou Yuefanwai

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Yue Ruzheng walked more and more tired, more and more panic, the sky has been completely dark down, strange birds singing in the mountains

Yue Ruzheng closed her eyes and breathed deeply. At this time, the toxicity in her body had slowly dissipated, and her mind was gradually clear, but the silver dart at her ankle had not yet been pulled out, and the wound was painful. She listened with bated breath and faintly heard the people talking about the Lord of the Valley, knowing that she had been caught by the people of the Valley of Bliss. She guessed that those people must be to take her back to the Valley of Bliss as a hostage, a moment of regret, but suffering from foot injuries, unable to fight with those people. Just then, not far away came the sound of oars rowing, listening to the sound of heavy and orderly, there should be a fleet loaded with goods passing by. Yue Ruzheng thought, instead of waiting for death, it is better to fight for luck, depending on whether God can help him. Thinking of this, she grabbed Gufang's sword with her backhand, and with a sudden tilt, she rolled out of the carriage. Several people over there heard the noise and rushed to this side. Yue Ruzheng fell to the ground, only to see the side of the slope, the slope down a surging river to the south, at this time several big boats are downstream, very fast. Yue Ruzheng's hands were tied up, and when he heard the sound of scolding behind him, he could not help biting his teeth, turning over and falling down the river. Su Mucheng and others chased to the shore,whirlpool hot tub, only to see the water splashing in the dark night, but did not see the figure of Yue Ruzheng. The short man stamped his foot and said, "Does this girl want to die?" Su Mucheng was so angry that he turned around and slapped several people in the face, saying, "So many people can't see a girl who is tied up!" The men covered their faces, but did not dare to defend themselves. Su Mucheng looked at the rolling Qujiang River and said quickly, "You guys search along the river. I'll rush downstream and see if I can find her.". In short, live to see people, die to see corpses! Then he quickly mounted his horse and galloped away. The waves of the Qujiang River surged, and the cargo ships went straight down the river,outdoor endless pool, and soon arrived at the Jinhua River. Su Mucheng rushed to Jinhua overnight and saw the fleet entering the harbor. He lay on the shore for a long time, but did not see Yue Ruzheng. One of the guys who got off the ship to transport the goods was arrested and questioned, but no one was rescued. Su Mucheng had no choice but to turn back and meet his men on the way, but he got nothing. Su Mucheng was so angry that he had to stop for a while and plan for the future. When they were back on the road in Jinhua, Yue Ruzheng had left quietly. When she went down the Qujiang River that night, she had already broken the rope. When she saw the ship passing by, she stabbed the ship with the tip of her sword. She took the opportunity to hide the side of the ship and went all the way to Jinhua. She knew that the people of Blissful Valley would be guarding her in Jinhua, so when she was approaching the port, she took advantage of the shelter of the hull and paddled ashore quietly. Although Yue Ruzheng got rid of the first pass, the wound on his foot had been soaked after a long swim. Leaning on her solitary sword, she staggered along the shore to a remote place, rolled up her trouser legs, and saw that the wound was dirty and bloody, and her skin was white. Half of the silver dart was outside, but now it was broken at an unknown time, leaving only half in the ankle, which could not be pulled out. Yue Ruzheng lay feebly on the shore, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, waiting for his clothes to be slightly dried by the wind before he stood up with clenched teeth and struggled forward. She had to keep asking for directions along the way, and she had to be careful to avoid the people in Blissful Valley, which was very hard. To add to her headache, as she got closer to Wenzhou, the words of the locals became more difficult to understand, often making her try to guess for a long time before she could barely understand each other's meaning. After a few days of hard trekking, he finally arrived at Wenzhou. Yue Ruzheng only knew that Yandang Mountain was near here, but when he entered the city, he didn't know where to look for it. She even asked a few people, the other side said the dialect of the teeth, she only saw that a few people are suddenly pointing south, suddenly pointing north, making her confused. By the time she reached the outskirts of Wenzhou, her legs were already weak. At this time, she saw a local farmer with firewood on his back passing by. She hurried to ask again. The man said, pointing straight to the south, and repeated several times. Yue Ruzheng finally understood the word "Pingyang". Then she thanked the man and went in the direction he pointed. So she asked people all the way where Pingyang was, and finally arrived at her destination when it was getting late. There is a sense of humidity in the wind here, and most of the people are dressed as fishermen, and sometimes there are exotic women wearing blue clothes and wearing colored wool on their heads. According to the instructions of the local people, Yue Ruzheng went westward and gradually entered the mountains. At this time, it was late, pedestrians were rare on the road, and the mountains on both sides were undulating, although not towering into the clouds, but rugged peaks and rocks, crisscrossing streams and valleys. Sometimes the jungle is deep and serene, sometimes the cliff cave is prominent, clouds and mists are shrouded, and springs are winding, which is the southern mountain scenery that Yue Ruzheng has never seen before. But at this time, Yue Ruzheng had no mind to enjoy the beautiful scenery. She just wanted to find Shibo and Elder Martial Brother as soon as possible and rush back to Luzhou. She leaned on her sword and staggered forward. In the middle of her journey, it began to rain lightly again. The drizzle is thin and thin, like a layer of transparent fog blowing around. Yue Ruzheng had a wound on her foot, and it was even more difficult for her to walk steadily when the mountain road was wet and slippery. She held a sword in one hand and a stone wall covered with moss in the other. She walked for a long time, but she could not see the legendary Dragon Waterfall. She always knew that Shibo, also known as Longzhao Sanren, lived in seclusion on the side of Yandang Dalong Waterfall, but now she had gone deep into the mountains. Although there were waterfalls from time to time, they were not as spectacular as Shifu had described to her. Yue Ruzheng walked more and more tired, more and more panic, the sky has been completely dark down, strange birds singing in the mountains, I do not know what swished out of the darkness, she was frightened to scream, and quickly disappeared in the forest. She looked around, only to feel that there seemed to be endless danger hidden in the shadows, and she could not help walking quickly. The mountain road was getting steeper and steeper, and the rain was lingering. Yue Ruzheng stabbed the wet soil of the hillside beside her with a sword, trying to climb up the steep slope. Unexpectedly, the wet soil suddenly loosened, and she suddenly lost her support and fell down the high hillside with an exclamation. At the moment of falling, she seemed to retain a little consciousness and despair in her heart. But with a dull crash, she fell heavily down the hill, and the last remaining consciousness disappeared. The third chapter: Where does the wild goose come from the south? It was late at night, and the mountain rain was getting lighter. The rain came and went,outdoor whirlpool, and the clouds, which had been like smoke and fog, gradually dispersed. It was the thin rain that was blown by the swirling wind in the mountains and turned into transparent rain and fog.