The love history of President Jian Fan

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As a result, I miraculously passed the exam, and my stepfather had to let me leave Ilan.

"You disappeared for a month. Do you want me to wait for you in the hotel for a month?" Han Feiyu did not know where the courage came from and said directly to the angry Zuo Younan. "I told you to wait. I told you to wait for me. What's a month?" Zuo Younan said confidently. I've been waiting for you in the hotel lobby all day! Isn't that enough? ?” He will not know what kind of mood she was waiting for him that day. He'll never know.. That kind of devouring mood, in the eyes only own Zuo Younan all one's life is impossible to understand. Zuo Younan's face became even uglier because of Han Feiyu's words. Not enough! I'll leave you a message. I just want you to wait for me, otherwise why should I stay here? You made me make a trip for nothing today, and when I came to your door, I saw you and a middle-aged man in entanglement. You are my woman, and you should humiliate me like this. I am no longer your woman, have you forgotten? It's over. You've never been with any woman for more than three days, so I'm not your woman anymore. In my memory, I only spent one day with you, and the next day I went to the United States on business, and the three-day deadline has not yet passed. You are still the woman of Zuo Younan. Did not he open his mouth to say not to want her, she Han Feiyu is his Zuo Younan's woman! Zuo Younan held Han Feiyu's hand vigorously, with great strength! Let her twist her eyebrows tightly. 。“ I'm not. I don't work at Shinhwa anymore. I have nothing to do with you anymore. "It's up to me to decide whether you have anything to do with me!" "You are unreasonable!" "I'm unreasonable?" He raised an eyebrow. Since you say so, I will be an unreasonable person! After that, Zuo Younan picked up Han Feiyu in one hand,aluminium tile trim profiles, strode to the bedroom, and threw her on the bed. What are you doing? Han Feiyu panicked. A man and a woman are in bed. What do you say you can do? Zuo Younan smiled wickedly. Don't! "She struggled." No? I insist!. Zuo Younan used his male strength to completely suppress Han Feiyu, she had no ability to resist, can only let Zuo Younan pull up her skirt. No She murmured tearfully. Zuo Younan's hand, which had been pulling her underwear,aluminum tile edge trim, suddenly stopped when he heard her crying. Why are you crying? He stared at her, his voice suddenly becoming soft. Han Feiyu could not control his tears, and a string of tears slid down his face. Just go to bed and let you cry like this. How can you be my woman with such a thin skin? Zuo Younan wiped the tears from her face with his finger pulp. He had no reason to be gentle and considerate, so that Han Feiyu could not react for a moment. Zuo Younan, whom she knew, had never treated her so gently! "Don't cry." Holding her in his arms, the sound of his strong heart beating came into Han Feiyu's ears, which made her feel extremely warm. Under the soft voice of Zuo Younan, her tears finally stopped. Was that your stepfather? Zuo Younan asked at this time. Han Feiyu nodded his head. What did he do to you? "Nothing.." She immediately lowered her head. How dare you lie to me? Zuo Younan's eyes flashed a sharp light. You should know that I can find out everything about your past without asking you. But I prefer you to tell me yourself. In fact, at the Spring Hotel, Zuo Younan heard a clue from Han Feiyu's dream. Stepfather, stainless steel edge trim ,tile profile factory, he. Han Feiyu bit her lip, and when she remembered the painful past, her heart ached. He often took the opportunity to harass me, such as touching my hand, whenever he wanted to go further, I would take the opportunity to escape, so he did not succeed once. "Can't you resist except to hide?" A nameless fire was lit in Zuo Younan's heart. This stupid woman! "If I obviously resist, it may make a big deal, and then it may attract my mother's attention." I don't want her to know.. She's already suffering. Mom thought she had found a man to trust! As a result.. If mom finds out that her stepfather is harassing her, she will be very sad. Han Feiyu could not go on, and tears came to his eyes again. Don't cry! "Han Feiyu's tears upset him, but he couldn't ignore them.". "I would stay in that hellish home, all because of my mother, I really do not trust her, until the year I graduated from college, my mother died, that home no longer let me miss anything.". I wanted to leave, but my stepfather was not willing to let me go, but I insisted on going to the north to find a job, so my stepfather offered that if I could work in Shinhwa, I could leave home. My stepfather knew that Shinhwa's admission requirements were very high, and he thought I would not be able to pass the exam. As a result, I miraculously passed the exam, and my stepfather had to let me leave Ilan. In this way, two years later, I thought I could live in peace all the time, but my stepfather knew that I had left the myth and wanted to bring me back to Ilan. "You fool!"! Won't it be all right if you don't resign? ? "Zuo Younan really doesn't understand what Han Feiyu's little head is thinking." Every employee who has had a relationship with you must leave the myth after the relationship ends. Han Feiyu reminded him. As I said before, my relationship with you is not over yet. She raised her little face and looked at Zuo Younan. The end of the relationship is just your wishful thinking. I haven't finished with you yet, so you don't have to resign. As long as she doesn't leave Shinhwa, her stepfather has no reason to take her back. It's not over yet? She and he.. "When I say it's not over, it's not over!" He had no patience to repeat the same words again and again. "You go back to Shinhwa to work tomorrow, or I'll make you look good!". Unexpectedly, Zuo Younan would say so, and she showed a face mixed with surprise,stainless steel tile edging, loss, and confusion. The little face with a complicated expression was so attractive to Zuo Younan. He wanted to see her often-a true reflection of his feelings now. You'll be my secretary tomorrow. The desire that came to his mind for no reason drove him to say this. As long as she is his secretary, it will be easy for him to see her.