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Now, I cheat from time to time, sometimes my mother, sometimes my eight sisters, and now even my brother.

Now, I cheat from time to time, sometimes my mother, sometimes my eight sisters, and now even my brother. Su Jin Yan feels that this kind of oneself is more and more strange, will she also become and Su Jin short worker kind? She was afraid of the scheming life and hated the time spent in lies, but now, was she changing in that direction step by step? Su Jinyan suddenly slightly astringent corner of the eye, reached out to touch, the head side open, feel no face to face three elder brothers. Although Su Yan spoke vigorously, he did not ignore his sister's emotional changes. Suddenly, he saw her crying and thought she was in pain or uncomfortable. He hurried forward and said with concern, "Sister, what's wrong with you?"? Tell your brother what's wrong. "No, no." Su Jinyan's voice trembled slightly. Su Yan was worried. Holding her shoulder, he wanted her to look directly at him. He said nervously, "You can talk. Do you want to worry me to death?"? What's wrong with people who can't stand any pain on weekdays? How can I feel at ease if you endure the pain like this? The more Su Jinyan listened, the more sad she felt. She got up and hugged Su Yan. In front of him, she began to cry. She called vaguely over and over again: "Brother, brother, I'm here. Don't worry. I'll accompany you today. I won't go anywhere." Su Yan also felt guilty and said,stainless steel toilet, "I haven't come to see you in the last few days, but I didn't know you were uncomfortable. I'm really a crazy brother." Su Jinyan hid in his arms and shook her head repeatedly. "No, you are the best brother. Last night, she dreamed that her brother married Yu Qiaoshi.". The hall of Su Fu was covered with red silk and happy characters. He rushed in and said he couldn't get married, but all the people in the hall regarded him as a madman. The old lady let people hold her firmly, and she watched them worship with her own eyes. It's not a happy event, it's a nightmare. It's not just my own nightmare, it's my brother's. In a previous life,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, it was Yu Qiaoshi who loved her brother and wanted to marry her. At the beginning, I was also very arrogant when I met someone who was even worse than me, so I naturally rejected him. And the elder brother also does not like her, but Dongping Hou Fu power, her elder sister is the imperial concubine, the second elder sister is the princess of Sichuan, she is Hou Fu's daughter, said to marry the elder brother is already married, which allows Su Fu said not to want? But it is a great honor for the Su family to marry a daughter-in-law of that status. The old lady, the father, and the two aunts all tried to persuade him, and some even said in private that the elder brother did not know what was good or bad. Su Jinyan knew that he didn't want to get married, but he also knew that he didn't have the right to say no. I remember that the third elder sister once told herself that Yu Qiaoshi was the fourth girl of the Hou Mansion in Dongping. She had a distinguished life experience and married her to help her brother in his official career in the future. She also told herself that it was Yu's favorite younger sister, and that she had helped her persuade her brother to read her own good in the future, and that she would naturally speak well in front of Yu Heng. At the beginning, Su Jinyan was so confused to listen to Su Jinyu's words. It was not until later that Yu Qiaoshi entered the mansion and made the Su mansion restless. Even the old lady and her grandmother could not do anything about her. Her brother had no dignity at all in front of her, Manual Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, and she replaced all his former attendants with hers, beating and scolding him if he was slightly dissatisfied. Su Jinyan remembers one of the most serious, winter night, it was raining outside, she actually let her brother stand outside all night. He was not allowed to leave the yard, nor was he allowed to enter any room. In the end, his brother had a high fever, and finally he fell ill. He did not recuperate. As for her mother, she did not have any rules for her daughter-in-law, and the whole Su family was decided by her. As long as the elders in the family had a few words for her, she would go back to Dongping Hou Fu, and sometimes go to the palace or to Chuanwangfu to tell her two sisters. Externally, it was all about how Su Fu and his brother were sorry for her. However, the elder brother, for the sake of Su Fu, can only compromise and swallow his pride and dignity, and abandon all his pride and dignity. Su Jinyan hugged Su Yan tightly, and she didn't want him to experience that fate again. For a man, it is too cruel. Such an excellent brother, such a good brother, how can he be decadent and finally become a walking corpse? Just because she married a noble girl from a noble family, she was told that she relied on women to close her skirt, and she was also bound by Yu Qiaoshi's so-called overbearing love, and lived a painful life. This life, oneself will not want to marry Yu Heng, Su Jinyu can not tempt oneself! But even without himself, as long as he met Yu Qiaoshi and was taken in by her, sooner or later it would be endless, what should he do? Feeling that the mood of the man in his arms had stabilized a little bit, Su Yan soothed him and said, "I'm still crying when I'm so old. I really can't grow up." "I dreamed yesterday that my brother would get married." Su Yanwei Leng, and then added anger, "how to do hair-like dream, your brother I am still young." Su Jinyan touched her eyes and looked up at him and said, "I married a wicked woman." Su Yan smiled and touched his forehead. "Why don't you dream about me, but dream that I won't love you if I marry a daughter-in-law?" Su Jinyan hooked his arm and said earnestly, "Yes, I'm afraid my brother doesn't love me.". The man was so fierce that he not only bullied my brother and me, but also my mother and grandmother. Su Yan shook his head repeatedly and comforted her by saying, "Ling s, how could I marry such a woman?" He was just joking and didn't take her words seriously. What if you have to marry? How could there be such a thing? Don't you want me to nod when I get married? Su Yan only blames his sister for thinking too much. Su Jinyan's eyes were dim. In his previous life, all the people in the house advised him to marry. Finally, he had no choice but to marry. How is it? Is it better? Su Jinyan nodded slightly and replied, "I'm hungry." Su Yan called the maidservants outside and asked them to go down and bring the food again. He turned to look at her and said, "You said you had no appetite just now, but now you feel hungry." Just now he was worried that when he saw that he could eat and drink, he thought he would leave if he had nothing to do. After all, his brother paid great attention to his promise and did not easily break his promise to others. Su Jinyan did not like him to be close to the people of Dongping Hou Fu, otherwise he would meet Yu Qiaoqian sooner or later. It's just that if you can guard against it once,Time Delay Faucet, can you guard against it for a lifetime? She sighed slightly as she looked at the dishes with all kinds of cakes in front of her. Why, is it not to your taste? Su Yan sees her facial expression, turn round hurriedly to order to lilac: "Change the snack that some girls like to come." 。 cnkexin.com