Sheng Shi Qing Feng (Full Version + Extra Chapter) by Er Ya

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Jiang Qing also can't help feeling, fortunately, the decision to conquer the south, otherwise, such officials and foreign collusion,

Jiang Qing also can't help feeling, fortunately, the decision to conquer the south, otherwise, such officials and foreign collusion, not in a few years will be squeezed out of the green, when the time comes to wait for them to rebel again, can be too late. Lord Liu. Ao Sheng called that Liu Bizhi, also did not give him a salute, Liu Bizhi some surprised, looked up and down Ao Sheng, nodded, as expected style, said, "Your Excellency is?" Ao Sheng went to one side and sat down. Jiang Qing pretended to be Ao Sheng's attendant and stood aside. After all, his scarf was so strange that it would not be suspicious if he pretended to be an attendant with him, and. It will not attract attention, so as not to be identified. I run a bank, and I want to do some business in the south, but unfortunately, I can't do it in the middle of Sichuan, and it's all occupied by the Black Cloud Bank. I knew a few friends in Beijing, and they all introduced me that Lord Liu was reliable in handling affairs, so I came to pay a visit. "Oh.." Liu Bizhi smiled and said, "I see. Your Excellency is really looking for the right person." Jiang Qing heart slightly move, Ao Sheng is very clever, like Liu Bizhi as still can stand, the court is bound to have eyes,custom cosmetic packaging, but also must be a high official who can cover him, Ao Sheng this time, it seems to want to follow the trail. What is your name, sir? Liu Bi asked. My last name is Qi. Ao Sheng reported his mother's surname and said, "a single name is a green character." Jiang Qing's ears were red, and he bowed his head and said nothing. "Oh.." It's brother Qi. Liu Bizhi nodded and said, "I don't know which adult introduced Brother Qi to me." Ao Shengxin said, "Oh, boy, you are very careful." He said,plastic laminted tube, "What about that adult? Before I came, I told him that the wind was tight recently and the emperor had left the palace. We should be careful in everything. When we come to you, try not to mention his name." "Oh, yes, yes." Liu Bizhi nodded and asked, "Brother Qi, have you ever opened a bank before?" "I've always run a gambling house before." Ao Sheng answered casually, behaving very naturally, saying, "Still do some business in private, the gambling house handles silver faster, and no one doubts it, but." After all, it's not as fast as the bank, is it? "Yes, Brother Qi is really discerning and generous enough to handle affairs." Liu Bizhi smiled. Jiang Qing originally observed that Liu Bizhi was not very old, and his appearance was also very moderate. It's just that his smile is really uncomfortable, and his eyes are full of calculation, and. A good face, smile, cosmetic tube packaging ,pump tube, unexpectedly some twisted feeling, let a person uncomfortable. Jiang Qing suddenly realized that their trip seemed to go smoothly. Of course, now it's just to catch the evidence of his corruption. The key is to pull out all the people behind him. With the help of Lord Liu, I'm relieved. Ao Sheng nodded and said, "I'm going to choose a place to buy a shop tomorrow." I do not know "Take your pick!" One of Liu Bi waved his hand and said, "As long as the brother picks it, the elder brother will get it with you!" Ao Sheng nodded and said in his heart, can you climb less relatives? I have only one brother and one brother, nothing to do with you! Immediately, he stood up and said, "It's good to have Lord Liu's words. It's getting late. We'll leave first. Tomorrow we'll choose a place and come to visit again." "Good!" Liu Bizhi nodded and ordered people to see him off. Out of the government office, Jiang Qing asked Ao Sheng, "Sheng, why did you come out so soon?" Ao Sheng smiled and said, "We just met today. It's not appropriate to ask too many questions. Besides, we spent money to let him do things. At the beginning, we should show that we don't trust him very much. Let's see how his ability to do things is. If we act too hastily, we should give the game away." "Mmm." Jiang Qing nodded and said, "You are thoughtful." "That's what Sparrow Tail taught me before." Ao Sheng said. Sparrow tail still teaches this? Jiang Qing was surprised. Uh Ao Sheng smiled and said, "He taught me several ways to deal with officials, good officials, lazy officials, corrupt officials, evil officials and mediocre officials." Jiang Qing carefully pondered, nodded, "this is also, the world's good officials are actually the same, diligent and honest love of the people as children, and bad officials, but each has its own bad law.". ” "That's right, this Liu Bizhi, listen to his words and watch his deeds, is a standard corrupt official and evil official." Ao Sheng said lightly, "This kind of person is not mediocre and incompetent, he can do it, just greedy!"! You have to be careful. They're all more cautious, like.. "Mmm." Jiang Qing nodded and whispered, "For example, he sent someone to follow us." Ao Sheng smiled, "we'd better go back to the inn, wait until the stalker has gone, and then go back to the barracks to arrange it." "Mmm." Jiang Qing nodded and went back to the inn with Ao Sheng. As soon as he entered the door and lit the lamp, Ao Sheng came over and hugged Jiang Qing, pulled off his collar and kissed him. Alas.. Jiang Qing was caught off guard and pushed him. "What are you doing?"? What's the hurry? Ao Sheng smiled and said in his ear, "make a play!" Jiang Qing looked at him and asked doubtfully, "Are you sure it's a play?" "That is!" Ao Sheng reached out to pick up Jiang Qing and put him on the bed. He rushed up and said, "This is to let the people outside know that we have an unusual relationship, so that Liu Bizhi can be prepared first, so as not to suspect us later, and it will be more convenient for us to flirt with each other later." "Many excuses." Jiang Qing muttered in a low voice. Ao Sheng laughed, "Qing, how can you know me so well?" …… A moment later. Ah Jiang Qing was so surprised that he gave a light shout and grabbed Ao Sheng's hand with both hands, "You." Touch where?! Ao Sheng smiled and said, "Don't worry. I'll just touch it twice to satisfy my craving. I won't mess around outside. I can't bear to part with it." Jiang Qing frowned, how could Ao Sheng become like this? More and more unscrupulous, playing hooligans to the point of breaking the pot. He finally understood why Mu Ling was so powerful, but he still had no way to take Qin Wangtian! Chapter one hundred and seven, the king. Ao Sheng and Jiang Qing whispered in bed for a while, feeling that the people outside had gone, Jiang Qing pushed Ao Sheng away, Ao Sheng seemed to have some opinions,empty lotion tubes, lying on him refused to get up. Jiang Qing looked at him, "will you go back to the barracks?"? No, I can't sleep tonight! 。