Rebirth and promotion in the Qing Dynasty

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"Master, what can the Tong family do if it's the uncle's family again?"? Prince is not they can pick and choose

"Master, what can the Tong family do if it's the uncle's family again?"? Prince is not they can pick and choose, before the emperor did not put six Baylor in the name of the imperial concubine Chunyi, also did not let the imperial concubine Shun adopt the prince, it shows everything. Master, do you still remember the rumors outside the palace when Suoetu was still alive? Without waiting for the concubine Guo Luoluo to speak, Wanhua said, " [Tong Banchao, Lang Yiwo, Guan, Ma, Qi, needless to say, the old rich family is also a big family, and there are many civil and military surnames in the Manchu Dynasty]. Now Suo'etu is dead, Empress Gong is gone, and the title of Niu Hu Lu's family has changed. Gua'erjia, Ma'jia, Nala and Fucha are all more or less suppressed by the emperor." Why can his Tong family have nothing to do? Master, do you think others will not hate the Tong family? Master, such a thing has happened in this palace before, and this public anger can not be committed. Wanhua said meaningfully. De Pin Guo Luo Luo Shi naturally recognized who Wanhua was talking about. Isn't it the Empress Xiaoxiang who was stripped of her virtuous mask to reveal her true evil face. She understood what Wanhua meant and looked at her approvingly. "Get up. You're right. I don't have to dirty my hands for a concubine. There's no harm in being cautious.". The Tong family is close to eight elder brothers and twelve elder brothers, so the emperor has to know it well, lest the Tong family become a good elder, the emperor does not know, is it not a waste of the Tong family's pains? "The master is absolutely right." Wanhua stood up and echoed. De Pin Guo Luo Luo's red lips raised, "then order to go down, be sure to let the emperor know." "Yes!"! "The master can rest assured that this matter will surely reach the ears of the emperor." Whether it is to frame and imperial concubine, or to give and imperial concubine Yao, or to do other things, the risk of this matter is very high. Comparatively speaking, the degree of difficulty of spreading some rumors is terribly low. Anyway,DIN screw plug, I haven't heard of anyone being caught for spreading rumors for so many years. This kind of thing can be completely impossible to investigate as long as it is not urgent. What's more, this time the news was spread outside the palace, and there were more people and more places outside the palace, so naturally there was no way to check. Except for some too obvious ones, which one didn't end up with nothing definite and covered up the previous ones with new rumors. The emperor returned to the capital in the middle of August. The first thing to return to Beijing was to summon the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior and the assistant ministers around the Ministry of the Interior to the imperial study. The emperor's action seemed to verify the truth of the gossip circulating in the capital before, so naturally some people began to panic. The memorial to the throne was not so much a letter from Yin himself as a letter from the whole Ministry of the Interior, but Yin was the son of the emperor who was not afraid of offending people, and other people in the Ministry of the Interior had to be officials in the officialdom, so they did not dare to offend so many people, so naturally they did not dare to sign on the memorial. See the emperor asked about this matter, the minister of the Ministry of the Interior is naturally honest, everything and Li Jun Wang Yin said the same, although now look OK, the treasury and silver, but can not go on, who knows how much is the bottom line of others? If we really come to the end of our tether, the Qing Dynasty will be over! The emperor confirmed the facts, metal stamping parts ,Steel investment casting, and his mood was very complicated. He is not the kind of person who burns bridges. As long as he does not threaten his imperial power, the emperor is still very nostalgic. So when he first issued this decree, the emperor was really thinking about the minister, but he didn't expect. How interesting! A snake swallows an elephant! The emperor narrowed his eyes, and he stopped to visit the mountains and rivers in the past seven or eight years, which made these people forget his decisiveness and firmness in capturing Oboi, flattening the Three Feudatories, unifying Ryukyu, expelling Tsarist Russia and marching westward to Mobei. I know, you kneel down! Summon the king of Li County to the palace. The emperor has not yet met with Yin, although his heart is already decided to recover the treasury arrears, but the emperor also wants to determine what Yin is thinking, is to take the opportunity to retaliate against some people, pull Prince Yin into the water, or really for the country and the people. Yes When the emperor summoned him, naturally no one dared to delay. After a while, Yin went from the Ministry of the Interior to the imperial study. My son paid his respects to Khan Ama, and Khan Ama was blessed. "Get up!" "Yes!" Yin got up, but did not dare to look at the emperor's face, think about it and know that the emperor must be in a bad mood now. The emperor put the memorial he had played before on the table. "This memorial was played by you. What do you think?" This is some knowingly ask the suspicion, but Yin had to answer "back to Khan Ama's words, the son's idea has been written all above, the so-called'debt repayment is perfectly justified ', the treasury owed silver nature must be recovered, otherwise in the long run the Qing Dynasty is in danger, for the Qing Dynasty can be long-term stability, after all, the treasury owed silver to recover and also But it can't hit everyone with one stroke, and it needs to be dealt with according to the situation. If some people really want to take out more than one million taels of silver at one go, not to mention that many people do not have so much family property, even if they do, they can not take out so much cash. This sounds pleasant to the ear, but I don't know how much sincerity there is in it! The emperor thought for a moment and asked, "Who do you think is the right person to take charge of this?" "The sixth brother is incorruptible and upright, and is naturally the most suitable candidate, but the Ministry of Punishment can not do without him, but the sixth brother's temper is too straight, just very easy to break, so the son wants to recommend himself, personally responsible for this matter." Yin replied. When the emperor heard this, he raised his eyebrows. He didn't believe that Yin didn't know the twists and turns behind it. After this, he didn't know how many people would hate him. Moreover, it might not be done smoothly. When the emperor ascended the throne as a teenager, he saw clearly the face of the imperial clan minister. However, Yin is self-recommendation, but let the emperor have a trace of moving. But the emperor did not agree to come down, but let Yin retire. Recovery is definitely to be recovered, but pull the trigger and move the whole body, but also need to take into account all aspects of things, in addition to the emperor to test some people's reaction, this matter is not so easy to settle down. Yin is no exception to this. Suo'etu is dead, but the Taizi Party is not dead,non standard fasteners, after all, Prince Yin is still fine. Nalan pearl and big elder brother Yin also did not have bad luck, natural big thousand years old party and anti-prince forces are still there.