Solitary Sword Line

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"Master Xi!"! You'd better inform the mountain owner that I'll come back on time and ask him to remove the sword

"Master Xi!"! You'd better inform the mountain owner that I'll come back on time and ask him to remove the sword cards behind him, because the blood is now, and I have no scruples.. Xi Fangping shouted angrily: "Shut up!"! You've forgotten who you are, and a slave dares to ask me to run errands for you! Murong ping sneer at way: "Xi Fangping!"! I call you a young master to look up to you, in fact I have left Qingcheng Mountain, you have no right to make angry instructions to me. Xi Fangping's eyes shot out a cold look, and he snorted: "Look at the color on your body, I'm afraid you can't get rid of the word" cheap slave "when you go to the world." This sentence made Murong Ping suddenly enraged, a swing of the sword, frantically rushed up, Xi Fangping had already been prepared for him to do so, immediately launched the sword in his hands, blocking his offensive. But Murong Ping had already hated him. A sword was like a storm, and every move was very spicy. After seven or eight encounters, he suddenly stabbed Xi Fangping in the chest with a sword. Then he shook his hand and twisted it. The blade opened a big round hole in the chest,12 needle valve, and blood was everywhere. Xi Fangping's body fell down, and Hu Dagang exclaimed: "Xiaoping!"! Now you've made a big mistake! Murong Ping's eyes flashed with mad anger and he shouted in a harsh voice: "It's no big deal. I didn't plan to live when I came here. It's enough to kill one. If I kill any more, I'll earn it.." Then he shook his hand fiercely, and the light of the sword passed, and the other three wounded Tsing Yi men were all cut in two at the waist. Then he raised his sword and laughed sharply: "Mean slave!"! Bitch! Ha Today I,ball valve manufacturer, a cheap slave, will raze Qingcheng Mountain to the ground. The mouth is crying, but the eyes shed tears, so that everyone was stunned. Murong Ping grinned for a moment, then suddenly kicked away the corpse in front of him and rushed straight forward. His body was so fast that he disappeared in an instant, only to hear his harsh laugh. Murong Ping, in a sudden rage, not only killed Xi Fangping, but also cut the other three wounded and defenseless Qingyi mountain patrol messengers at the waist, and then with blood all over his body, he left the crowd and rushed away. Because his crazy actions came so suddenly that everyone was stunned, stainless steel tube fitting ,pipe fittings manufacturer, until his harsh laughter could not be heard, Hu Dagang was the first to wake up, shaking his head sadly and sighing: Poor child! He's so deeply stimulated, it's.. Who is to blame? Then he said to Xu Mingfei and others: You don't have to help him anymore, because. This kid is ruined! It was unexpected that he should be so unable to control himself. The old man was thinking of his friendship with his father, and he had to hurry to clean up his body. As for everyone, it would be better to leave this place as soon as possible. Then he hurried away without waiting for a reply from everyone. Xu Qiuying and Gu Fanglian were close together, and neither of them made a sound. Wei Bosheng was stunned for a moment and then said, "Don't we need to go deep?" Gu Qingzhi deep tunnel: "No!"! This place is really a dangerous place. We are proud of our swordsmanship. When we get here, we can only be regarded as second-and third-rate roles. And Murong Ping seems to be crazy. We really don't have to work for a madman. Xu Mingfei nodded with emotion, but had nothing to say. Wei Bosheng hurriedly way: "Go while you can!"! Wait a minute, I'm afraid it's hard to get away, two good nieces! You Gu Fanglian did not open her mouth, but Xu Qiuying resolutely said, "I won't go!" Xu Mingfei immediately said angrily: "You haven't given up on that boy yet?" Xu Qiuying nodded and said: "Yes!"! I don't believe he's crazy! Brother Murong is not that kind of person. Xu Mingfei shouted: Didn't you see it? When he killed, he was like an irrational mad beast, even the three injured people were not willing to let go. Xu Qiuying gritted his teeth and said: "I still think Brother Murong is not a cruel man. There must be a special reason why he did that. Maybe these people usually bully him too much." Xu Mingfei was so angry that he stared and shouted angrily: "Qiu Ying!"! If you don't come to your senses, I'll kill you first! Without fear, Xu Qiuying said with tears: "Father!"! You may as well kill me! It's not interesting for me to live anyway. Xu Mingfei raised his sword, after all, unable to stab down, and finally sighed: "Dead girl!"! You're really pissing me off. What do you want? Xu Qiuying way: "I'm going to see Brother Murong." "Go and see him?" Cried Xu Mingfei? Didn't you hear the old man named Hu just now? He can't live today anyway! Xu Qiuying sadly tunnel: "If he is killed, I will do my best to avenge him." Wei Bosheng sighed, "Good niece!"! Aren't you dreaming? With your skill, I'm afraid you can't even touch the edge of others. Xu Qiuying cried: "Then I will accompany him to die!"! In fact, my heart is already dead, and it's no fun to live with only one body. Xu Mingfei gas hum way: "If you are willing to die for him, do you want your father to die with you?" Xu Qiuying tearfully way: "Father!"! I didn't ask you to go, you just thought you didn't give birth to my daughter. Xu Mingfei to attack again, Wei Bosheng is rushing to say: "Brother Xu!"! Don't worry, I'll go in with her. "Elder brother," said Xu Mingfei in surprise! You're going in, too? Wei Bosheng nodded: "Not bad!"! But I didn't go there for Murong Ping. I can't help dying in my life. It's really boring for people who learn martial arts like us to die of old age. It's really hard for me to be killed in Jianghu today, if I'm not a fool brother. I can't meet a few real masters in such a place. Even if I really die,38 tube fitting, I'm worthy of my whole life!.. Xu Mingfei said to Gu Qingzhi in a daze, "What do you think, Brother Gu?" Gu Qingzhi looked at Gu Fanglian and said with a wry smile:.