Inverse Dragon Road _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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Inverse Dragon Road _ Blood Red _ txt Novel ParadiseInverse Dragon Road _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

When he was thinking about how to avoid the three evils of Xuanyuan Guang, Jin Feifei and Yi Tianxing making trouble at the headquarters of the divine court, a girl with a sweet smile, who looked no more than seventeen or eighteen years old, was tall and dressed in a white robe of a low-level priest came up to him. Elder, the special plane is about to take off. Would you please sit in your seat and fasten your seat belt? Merlin smiled kindly, nodded slightly at the girl, put his hand on the head of the girl priest, prayed a few words, and then sat down on the sofa. Then, Merlin, who had not yet figured things out, watched the girl go straight to the cabin where Yi Tianxing was, ready to remind them to pay attention to the safety of the special plane when it took off. Well, I seem to have forgotten something? Oh, it seems to be very important. Merlin is still thinking here, and there is already trouble over there. The abbé cursed the'rascal 'with great clarity, and then heard a'slurp,' which seemed to be the sound of his clothes being torn open. With a scream of'ah ', the priest almost escaped with his upper body, and the robe on his body had been completely torn off, leaving only the belt around his waist, and the broken robe was barely tied to her body. Seeing Merlin staring at this side, the priest cried out with great grievance: "Elder, they.." Then,silk ficus tree, I saw Xuanyuan Guang came out slowly and complained to Merlin: "There is no beauty on the special plane. What kind of special plane is this?"? Old man, you should pay attention to improvement next time. You can't get a few girls who can see but can't eat to get angry in front of us, can you? Alas, on our own plane, all the waitresses were wearing only a pair of underwear. His body shook violently, his eyes were black, his throat was sweet, and Merlin, such a sophisticated old man,large artificial blossom trees, almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Looking innocently at the surprised, stunned and almost frightened eyes of the accompanying clergy, Merlin shook his hand and motioned that the matter should not be pursued. He wailed in his heart: "Why not go back to the headquarters through the magic array?"? Why would I be an idiot and take a special plane back to New York? Damn it, by the way, I remember, it's the sycophant cardinal, and this is his plane! There was a flash of anger in Merlin's eyes. "It's all him. He wants to please me. He heard I was in London, so he sent his special plane to pick me up!"! Damn it, it's his bad things that make me lose face! I, I.. I heard that there was a church in a small village in the moon colony, which lacked a priest to preach? Well, the red temple, find a chance to destroy him all the same! That innocent red temple, because of Xuanyuan light, their momentary idea, this, the future is uncertain. The shuttle soared straight into the sky, Faux cherry blossom tree ,fake ficus tree, through the atmosphere, and followed a straight course toward New York. At this shuttle speed, it takes no more than forty minutes to fly from London to New York. Compared to the use of magic array, but also not slow for a long time, but it is because of this kind of let oneself save some strength psychology, let Merlin that angry ah. With a few vague grunts, Rinehart's divine power finally took effect, evaporating all the alcohol and sobering up. Shaking his head a few times and feeling his body floating, Rinehart jumped up and asked, "Where is this?" My child, are you awake? We are on the special plane to the temple. You're drunk, so it's your two friends.. Xuanyuan Guang and Jin Feifei carried you up. Merlin was sitting on the sofa near Rinehart, so he immediately explained the cause and effect to Rinehart. However, 'Xuan yuan Guang, Jin Feifei' these six words, is Merlin a word, a word, almost gnashing teeth to hum out. Rinehart froze for a moment and looked at Merlin in surprise and asked, "Teacher, are we going to the court of God?"? So, can I.. Merlin smiled kindly, nodded and said, "Of course, dear Rinehart, I'll give you a few days off and let her accompany you to New York.". Haha, you young people should spend more time together. But because of the cause of the divine court, you have to separate, old Merlin is a reasonable person, will not hinder your good things. Hei Hei laughed a few times and saw Rinehart suddenly blushed. Merlin couldn't help sighing with emotion: "The students I taught are still pure. Rinehart is so pure, kind, honest, intelligent and capable. By comparison, the three guys inside are simply three groups of shit!" Gently clasping his hands in front of his chest, Merlin prayed with great trepidation: "God, I didn't mean to curse my disciples, but those three guys.." It's really three balls of shit! Rinehart looked at Merlin excitedly and gratefully and said shyly, "Thank you, mentor, but I'm sorry, I was drunk by them." There was a flash of anger in Merlin's eyes. He looked around, lowered his voice and said angrily, "Of course, of course I know they got you drunk.". You've never touched a glass since you were a kid. How could you suddenly become an alcoholic? Even Hyde, after he became a bishop in England, he gradually fell in love with liquor. Of course I know it's the three damned scourges that are torturing you! Poor child, but you have to have a good relationship with them, do you understand? Merlin patted Rinehart heavily on the shoulder and said in a low voice, "To strengthen and develop your friendship, no matter what, even if they take you.." Rinehart looked at Merlin in horror. Merlin clenched his teeth and dared not touch Rinehart's frightened eyes. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Even if they take you.." God, forgive me, this evil word.. You must go with them too! They take you to kill and set fire, and you go with them! They take you to break the law,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and you go with them! As long as you can maintain your friendship with them. Damn it, God, what a terrible friendship! 。