Sick Girl Jumps Repeatedly on the Edge of Death for the Strategy [wear the book]

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Sick Girl Jumps Repeatedly on the Edge of Death for the Strategy [wear the book]Sick Girl Jumps Repeatedly on the Edge of Death for the Strategy [wear the book]

In a hurry, some of the Internet terms I had seen on the Internet came to my mind, and Xicui blurted out, "Let me do it." There was a sudden silence in the woodshed. When she came to her senses, the woman was startled by her and asked, "Where did you come from?" Xicui: "I'm looking for someone." The woman walked quickly to the window. "Who are you looking for?" Xicui looked at Wei Tansheng and said, "I'm looking for this little master." "That won't do." She laughed. "The slave promised to take him to see the world. This little master slave can't give it to you." Xicui asked quietly, "What if I have to?" "I can't give it to you." She laughed and said, "Even if I give it to you, at least I have to wait until the slave is finished." Xicui thought for a second, "in that case, I wonder if my wife would like to take me to see the world?" "Then you have to wait behind him." No matter what Xicui said, the woman just didn't let go. All in all, it just doesn't work. She walked up to Wei Tansheng again and continued to pick up his cassock. "It will be too late to drag on." Wei Tansheng looked at her and bent his lips. He looked as calm as if he hadn't been stripped at all. He's waiting for her to move. The cassock slipped,75 inch smart board, and the tight chest appeared in front of him. Perhaps because in the empty mountain temple to often do farm work, Wei Tansheng's figure is somewhat beyond her expectation, does not look thin, like white jade, but also implies some strength. The cassock slipped all the way down to the waist, and the waist line was further down,4k smart board, but it was faintly blocked by layers of cloth. After stripping off Wei Tan-sheng's cassock, the woman began to untie her own son. As she untied it, she said, "If Lang Jun insists on watching here, the slave won't mind." The woman's clothes slipped down, revealing her white skin. Seeing that Wei Tansheng was about to lose his virginity, his blue eyes were looking at him gently. No way, Xicui can only toughen her scalp, pick up the stone she just padded her feet and start smashing the door. She could not open the lock, but the door of the woodshed was old and easy to break. Fortunately, smart interactive whiteboard ,smart board whiteboard, Gao Yiyu was so strong that he actually broke the door after smashing more than a dozen times. Sawdust splashed, and Xicui stepped over the broken boards and walked into the woodshed. Seeing this, the woman panicked and rushed towards her in disheveled clothes. Lang Jun, what are you doing?! Didn't I tell you to wait? Xicui put down the stone, went to the firewood pile, picked up a thin piece of firewood, silently said sorry in her heart, raised the firewood, and came to the woman's forehead. She went limp and fell down. The scene in front of us is familiar. She remembered that it was the same on Piaoer Mountain. She knocked Hong Changfeng unconscious and picked him up, trying to get him out of there. This time is different from the past. She didn't want to repeat the same mistake, and she didn't want to hold him again when she remembered holding him by the neck. Xicui dropped the firewood and said politely, "Little master." "Lady Gao." The young monk, bare-chested and smiling, answered her calmly. Like it wasn't even him who was shirtless. Xicui didn't look at his white chest. I just went to look for you in the squatter house, and when I saw that you were not in the house, I came over. Xicui glanced at the woman on the ground and asked, "What's going on?" "I saw Master Jichen when I came. Did you offend him?" Wei Tansheng is still a pair of "before the collapse of Mount Tai, but the face does not change color." Lady, do you remember what you saw in the meditation hall a few days ago? "Is that silent dust?" His jaw. Xicui frowned. "We hid well that day. He didn't find you and me. How could you provoke him?" At the same time, a bold guess came to her mind. This conjecture made Xicui frown a little tighter. Could it be that Wei Tansheng took the initiative to provoke him? When he first molested Wu Huaifei, he saw her come forward and stopped at the right time. Quite shrewd and thoughtful, not like a person who will take the initiative to stir up trouble. Wei Tansheng did not answer her question directly, but smiled and played Tai Chi. "It's a long story." Xicui changed the question. "Why is he looking for a prostitute?" Wei Tansheng laughed and said, "He was afraid that I would tell Vina in the temple about what happened in the meditation hall.". ” Xicui: "Just want to strike first?"? Set you up? Wei Tan gives birth to jaw head, "however." "The woman who saw him just now must have been going to look for the monk." Xicui was silent for a moment. Come to find the monk and catch a scene? Although this move is a bit insidious, it is very effective for monks. Fornication is one of the four fundamental precepts. If you really let the monk catch you in the act, I'm afraid Wei Tan-sheng's career as a monk will end here. So he's already on his way with the monk? "Of course." "Why don't you get dressed and get out of here?" Wei Tansheng pulled out a faint smile, "I can't move, and naturally I can't wear clothes." Chapter 43 reward. Xicui looked at him calmly. "Why can't you move?" Wei Tansheng looked back indifferently, "the silent dust drugged me." "That cup of tea?" "Exactly." Xicui glanced at his bare chest. She had seen him naked, and it seemed nothing to help him dress, let alone his upper body. Xicui bent down and picked up the cassock that had slipped from the ground. She hadn't worn it, and she didn't know how to wear it. The silent dust and the monk were on their way, and it would be too late if they didn't put it on quickly,interactive panels for education, so she could only have a try. The cassock comes down to the waist. Wei Tansheng was leaning in front of the firewood pile. Gao Yiyu was tall. Xicui could only kneel down and put on his clothes for him. The young man's waist was narrow and thin. Xicui stretched out her arm around his waist and lowered her head to pull the cloth piled on his waist at random, trying not to touch his skin. Can you raise your hand? Wei Tansheng shook his head with a smile. "I'm afraid I can't." Xicui hesitated for a moment and raised his arm. The tentacles were warm, and it was hard to imagine that a man like him had such warm skin.