Endless sword outfit

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EndlesEndless sword outfitEndless sword outfitEndless sword outfitEndless sword outfits sword outfit

Thinking of this, Ye Bai no longer hesitated, his eyes were firm, his hand moved, and the gray secret book lying at the bottom of the package slowly floated up from it and fell into his hands. Slowly put the left hand over it, a thick milky white Xuanqi suddenly rushed toward the center of the "Jianbu" secret book, the same feeling as the film appeared again, but this time only insisted on a cup of tea, the secret book sent out a "bang" light sound, a golden light rushed out, and just broke the "intermediate Xuanjue" when the ban was exactly the same, and then the golden light disappeared. The script was restored to its original state and dropped into Ye Bai's hand. As soon as Ye Bai opened it, it fell on the title page. There were nineteen footprints like sword marks. On each page, there was only one footprint-like sword mark, showing a faint red light, or upward or vertical, or horizontal or oblique, with different postures. On the blank title page, there were only nineteen footprints like swords in the whole secret book. There was no explanation word by word. At this moment, Ye Bai finally understood why this sword step was said to be incomplete, because it only had pattern footwork, and did not explain the method of practice! If you are an ordinary person, after seeing this, you simply have to give up, because it is impossible to learn, footwork can not only be a few postures can become footwork, if so, the world's body mysterious skills are too worthless, at least there is a heart formula to cooperate, but this secret book, nothing. So,interactive touch screens education, he is incomplete, only half, the other half is gone, so he is only worth 450 contribution points, or even not worth 450 contribution points at all, not worth a contribution point. But Ye Bai did not give up. He was not a person who would give up easily. He still stared at the nineteen sword marks and nineteen footprints. Gradually, the shape of nineteen swords appeared in front of his eyes, floating, rotating, dispersing, gathering in the air,smartboards for business, moving forward for a while, backward for a while, left and right. It was as if there was an empty man standing on them and flying through the air on them. However, there is no nihilistic person, Ye Bai's eyes, only the nineteen sword light, forming nineteen white lines, constantly rotating in the air, staggered, forming a variety of graphics. Ye Bai slowly closed his eyes. Yesterday, I was a little stuck. I owe two more. Today, I will finish today's two more. Tomorrow, I will start to make up. If I am in good condition, I will finish it. If I am not in good condition, I will make up a chapter first. Third watch. Make up another watch the day after tomorrow. As above. The weather is hot again, which is a very tragic thing ~ full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 44 one sword, one scene, one body. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/ Chapter 44 a sword scene, interactive digital whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, body Dacheng. In his feelings, the nineteen sword lights turned faster and faster, and finally only nineteen blurred white shadows were left. In the end, they were even more chaotic, and nothing could be seen except a white light. However, that kind of trace is still there, that kind of feeling of the truth of heaven is still there, and that kind of sharp sword gas, sharp gas, are also still there. Ye Bai realized one by one, and at this time, in his mind, suddenly appeared that day, when he first opened the sword step in the Xuanwu Pavilion, the introduction of a few words: "Sword step, pay attention to one sword and one trace, turn around step by step, accept joy, anger, sorrow and joy, the scenery of the four seasons in the footwork, to achieve the effect of shape and shadow like a sword, to avoid the wind, what he wants is nothing more than a change between short feet and square inches." Everything moves the enemy to take the lead, step by step, step by step, every step is on the edge of life and death, safety and danger. This is a footwork suitable for close combat and enhancing attack power, not for escape. ” "One sword, one trace, one step, one turn, every step out, from danger to safety, from death to life, every step is above the edge of the boundary, between feet short, to seek square inch change.." Ye Bai chewed silently and thought silently. Suddenly, a word suddenly appeared in his mind, step by step. This was what he heard one day when he had nothing to do. Several gardeners and gardeners of the Ye family gathered together and talked in a low voice. They said that there was a famous gardener in Dongwen who was good at cutting. One day, he used a thousand kinds of famous flowers and put them in the same garden. Then different things were placed, or screens, or rockeries, or riprap, or yellow bamboos, and a meeting of ten thousand flowers was held. Finally, the guests who came here were surprised to find that no matter from which direction they looked, they could see a different landscape. Every step they took, the scenery changed, and the flowers that appeared in front of them were different, which amazed the guests and spread everywhere. This is called changing scenery step by step, also known as changing scenery step by step, which is very similar to the introduction of the sword step at this moment. One step, one scene, one sword, one scene. Suddenly, Ye Bai finally came to his senses and thoroughly understood the mystery of the sword step. He stood up, walked out of the pavilion, came to the bamboo forest not far away, cut a sword, and then slanted it out in front of him, forming a strange posture, a bit like the first sword mark in the sword step. However, Ye Bai always had a feeling that something was wrong. He thought in silence, and after half an hour, he changed his position, this time,electronic board for classroom, the point of the sword downward, slightly lowered, forming another step!. hsdsmartboard.com