Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

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MiraculouMiraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farms Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

"Give me all this basket." She opened her mouth with a lot of money. The owner of the stall was stunned, and after being pointed out by the people next to him, he immediately saluted excitedly and said yes again and again. In this world, there are fools who dare to sell, and there are fools who are willing to buy. Behind him came a sarcastic voice, and Mu Min could not help turning his head back to look. In front of him was a fortune-teller who held a sign of "God Operator", wore a shabby Taoist robe, and looked as down and out as Jigong. This fortune-teller is Huang Yishou. But Mu Min did not know, she felt that this person was very strange, must be grandstanding, deliberately said such words to attract their attention, and then to achieve a certain purpose. If this is really a real fortune teller who lives on it, Mu Min guesses that he probably wants to be famous by himself. Thanks to Qin Zhao, she is now a character in size, with a proud face. But if you are famous, you should cherish your feathers. You can't be touched by this kind of person. So Mu Min quickly withdrew his sight and turned a deaf ear to him, saying, "Please help me send it to the General's Office." The persimmon seller nodded his head like garlic, picked up the persimmon basket, and said angrily to Huang Yishou, who had almost ruined his business, "Poor and shabby,juice filling machine, get out of the way." Huang Yishou was not angry either. "You really have a good eye," he said. "I'm just poor and shabby. I've never eaten a catty of persimmons. How about trying one for me?" Are you deaf? Miss Mu has already bought it! "Miss Mu?"? Girl, is that you? Anyway, if you buy a basket, you're not short of one. Be a good man and give my old man a taste. Huang Yishou laughed and said that he had not seen the field put his dirty hand into the basket at all. Mu Min didn't give up. Chapter 1738 Radish and Mu Min (94). She tilted her head and laughed harmlessly, but what she said was not polite. Be scolded by you fool, I still eat to you, sit not solid the name of this fool? No. Said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, she deliberately picked up a persimmon to the side of the unknown child: "You see, I really want to give, how many people can give?"? Why give it to you? The child got a persimmon and smiled, and the people around him were all laughed at by Mu Min's nifty, accusing Huang of being cheeky. If you take back what you said just now, I will invite you to eat. Mu Min looked Huang up and down and changed the subject. What's done cannot be undone. I'm old enough to save face. "Then there is no way." Mu Min's eyes rested on the broken banner he was holding. Broken banner is dark green, the bottom book "God operator" three words, the pole is greasy with black light, the banner is also a piece of greasy. Huang Yishou noticed her gaze and said meaningfully, "Does Miss Mu dislike her?" Mu Minxin said, what do you have to do with me? Why do I dislike you? "Who wrote these three words for you?" With a look of surprise and relief in his eyes, Huang nodded and touched his beard and said, "Girl, your eyes are very poisonous." The tone was so intimate that even Miss Mu stopped shouting. Your whole body is not worth as much as these three words. From childhood to adulthood, she has seen too many isolated books, water bottle packaging machine ,juice filling machine, as well as countless paintings and calligraphy at home. Although no one taught her how to distinguish between good and bad, she could see at a glance that these three words were written by a master. "Huang Yishou didn't care. Instead, he laughed and looked even more relieved." Girl, I ask you again, how do you know what he sells is fire crystal persimmon, not common? He could see clearly that Mu Min had not tasted it. Fire crystal persimmon is a specialty of Shaanxi, she is a person who grows up outside the world, how to see? If she had only eaten once or twice, Huang Yishou felt that she might not know. Mu Min put his hands behind his back and tilted his head. His eyes were like autumn water, full of agility and charm. Others sell for three or five pennies, he sells for fifty pennies; if it is not true, who will buy it? Persimmons can't be sold and rot at home, and there are three or five pennies left. And he's been here for a long time, so he won't ruin his reputation for a small profit. The little brother selling persimmons got excited: "Miss Mu, do you know I've been here for a long time?" "Well, the face is familiar." "I've really been in business for a long time," said the younger brother. This fire crystal persimmon was transported all the way from Shaanxi, and there were bandits and roving bandits on the way, so it was hard to come by, so it was sold so expensive. Fortunately, you are a discerning man, old man. Do you understand? Things are not cheap, but I never lie. ” "All right, my old man was wrong." Huang smiled with one hand to make an apology gesture, the wrinkles on his face were smiling, and there were strange complex emotions spreading in his bottomless eyes, which seemed to be gratified and bitter. The dark guard appeared and went to Mu Min's side. "Go to the Treasure Pavilion, girl," he said in her ear. "Good." Mu Min knew what the dark guard meant, and she herself felt that the old man was full of weirdness. For possible dangers, it is a fool to look at them, and it is the best policy to pretend to avoid them. Huang followed them slowly with one hand. What are you doing? Mu Min stopped, turned akimbo and said, "Why are you following me?"? If you follow me again, I'll let someone rob you! Huang handed her the dirty banner with one hand. Mu Min froze: "?" "You want it, here it is." Mu Min:.. I don't want it. Old man, you find me what things directly say, can help you, maybe I am in a good mood to help it! But you have to follow me like this all the time. See him? He's so fierce! The dark guard, who was pointed at by her, blushed and held out his chest, trying to cooperate with her to make a ferocious look. Mu Min holds the forehead, this is not fierce enough. Also do not blame the dark guard, the dark guard is born to be used by her to become the bright guard. There are requirements for the selection of dark guards. From all aspects of appearance, it is necessary to "disappear from the crowd". It is not good to be too outstanding. Not even if it's ferocious. Forget it. She's on her own. Mu Min said akimbo, "I live in the General's Office. If you pretend to be a ghost and follow me again, I'll have you driven out of the border town." Huang Yishou was not frightened by her words. Smiling, he touched his beard and looked at her and said, "Little girl,Beverage packing machine, you have a bad temper.". I just think you look like an old friend of mine, so I look at you twice more without malice. At this time, another dark guard who did not appear suddenly appeared. Mu Min realized that he had something to say to himself and went to him. gzxilinear.com