Tales of Floating Life 2-Double Tree of Alsophila Spinulosa

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Tales of Floating Life 2-Double Tree of Alsophila SpinulosaTales of Floating Life 2-Double Tree of Alsophila Spinulosa

"That's enough." Zuo Zhanyan interrupted him. Then he took a deep breath, thought for a long time, made up his mind, and said, "Thank you." A silver moon rose slowly in the night sky, reflecting the water, and the moonlight reflected each other. What a round moon! In the motionless eyes, there is a beautiful light. "Countless people in the world, including your mother, are looking forward to a happy life.". The reason why they could not do so was not that the moon was too far away from them. You see, the moon is beautiful, but it is so big that it doesn't have a heart with enough capacity. What can you put in it? Zuo Zhanyan listened to him quietly and smiled. The body has been tight, almost can break the string, suddenly loosened, good not carefree. I've never been so relaxed and comfortable, and I can't help smiling. The billboard of the tall building by the river lit up. The big characters of beautiful flowers and full moon were shining with colorful light. On the billboard, there were two men sitting, one of them was a monster, the other was a half-monster. The floating clouds disperse and the bright moon shines on people. Happy reunion, drunk today. He hummed without moving his head, as he sat in the blue coral chair. Zuo Zhanyan patted gently, looking at the bright moon and flowing water, and the beautiful lights until dawn. When the first ray of sunlight passed through the clouds, only Zuo Zhanyan was left on the billboard. Next to it, there was only a little twinkling white dust on the seat where he had been sitting. Jiao, if the reappearance of the real body, then the smoke and dust,small geared motors, the soul of both disappear. In the water, the dragon-like white Jiao seems to be swimming in front of us again. Yes, the white Jiao can laugh and talk, and there is no trouble at all. Zuo Zhanyan's face was expressionless and calm. He opened the incense burner and found only a paper ball left inside. Open, very natural and unrestrained handwriting- "The evening river is flat, and the spring flowers are blooming.". The stream will go to the moon, and the tide will bring the stars. Hey, that's what I wrote! Zuo Zhanyan, I have burned your paper balls of resentful women. If you must write something and throw it here every year, you can copy my poems every year from this year! There will be no future. He rubbed the spitball back and threw it into the censer. The world under our feet began another lively day. The missing Black Pearl came back by itself at daybreak, and the man who was sailing said that he had been knocked unconscious not long after sailing, and when he woke up, the ship was already in an inexplicable place in the open sea. The forty children on the boat were taken to the gate of the police station by someone, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Small Geared Motors, and they were still sleeping. When I woke up, everyone was confused and did not know anything. The parents who rushed over cried with joy and ended with a happy ending. Another piece of news is that somewhere in the open sea, an unknown creature was found early this morning, suspected to be a man-eating shark, but the relevant authorities have not yet confirmed the news. When the sun came out completely, the billboard was empty and there was no one there. 12 Before daybreak, we went back as scheduled. Shen Qiangwei sat on one side, Zuo Zhanyan sat on the other side, Ao Chi and I seemed to be transparent objects, a little redundant, simply left the hall to them, and went to the kitchen to cook noodles. The successful release of the bowl Chitose and Zhao Gongzi also hurriedly hid in the kitchen, for fear that the female Taoist priest would have convulsions again. I've been looking for you for a year, and you've been avoiding me. Shen Qiangwei opened her mouth first, "I have to find your enemy to catch you out." I crouched outside the wall of the living room with my face in my hand. Behind me squatted Ao Chi, who was also carrying my face. Behind me in turn was a bowl of Chitose Zhao Gongzi paper. Everyone was enthusiastically eavesdropping through the wall. I'm hiding in the fish pond. Why do you come to me? Zuo Zhan Yan sighed. With a bang, Shen Qiangwei threw the sword in front of Zuo Zhanyan and asked, "What do you mean by leaving this sword for me?" "This Taodu Sword is a good thing. I don't need it anymore. Naturally, I transfer it to someone who can use it." Zuo Zhanyan said, "that's what it means." I don't want it! Shen Qiangwei stood up and picked up the Taodu Sword with anger on her pink face. I thought it was not good, and when I was afraid that they would fight, Shen Qiangwei suddenly knelt down to him. I choked on the noodles. Senior fellow apprentice She held the sword before him. "A page should be given to you, not to me.". I tried to find you for this matter. "Landlady!" Zuo Zhanyan did not answer her, but suddenly called me. I hurried out and asked, "What for?"? If you want to fight, go out and fight! Three times the compensation for smashing my things! "Please tell her what I am now?" He suddenly made a seemingly bizarre request. What is he? When the waves in the fish pond dispersed, I clearly saw a black Jiao. Well, he's a dumpling. I looked at Shen Qiangwei, "I promise." Shen Qiangwei froze for a long time before she said, "Elder Martial Brother, don't you.." "In the past, I insisted on being a person in your eyes for fear of being called a monster." Zuo Zhan Yan said slowly, "but that guy is right, I am half Jiao, this is a constant fact.". I don't want to make any cover for this identity now. I am a monster and an incomplete person. I accept all your opinions and even attacks on me. He lifted the stunned Shen Qiangwei up and said, "I will never mention the truth of the Black Pearl to anyone.". I hope you won't make the same mistake again. The successor of the one-page view is still you. But don't live for other people's opinions. The meaning of the existence of a page view is not to compete with the people of the same way. Let others say what they say. We only do what we should do. He put the Taodu Sword back in her hand. "Only when you have tolerance can you live happily." Shen Qiangwei was silent for a long time and asked, "Elder Martial Brother, have you really decided to be a Jiao?" "Yes." Zuo Zhan Yan nodded, "I feel very happy to come and go freely in the water, to deal with water demons that can hurt people, to save people who fall into the water, to sing songs, and to practice Tai Chi with old turtles." Shen Qiangwei listened to his words and smiled bitterly: "I'm afraid I can't afford the future of a page view." "You can." He looked at me and said with a smile, "If you keep coming in and asking for help,gear reduction motor, you have made progress.". In the past, would you ask the monster for help? I'd rather die. If you are known by others, how many bad words will you say? 。 ichgearmotor.com