Miss the wolf

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Miss the wolfMiss the wolfMiss the wolfMiss the wolfMiss the wolfMiss the wolf

My uncle did not answer, but asked us to meet the old man in the house. Walking into the house, I was as dark as if I had entered a cave. After a pause, I saw a big earthen Kang in the house. In front of the hole of the Kang, there was a big heated Kang with a lump of firewood. On the fire, there was a big porcelain pot hung by a wire, cooking something. Next to it, there were an old man and an old woman sitting in a group. When we were talking outside the door, they did not come out. When we went in, they only looked up. The poverty and loneliness in the mountains often made the mountain people have extreme reactions to outsiders. They were either too enthusiastic or too indifferent. I said, "Hello, uncle and aunt!" The response was: "Sit down, sit down." When they finally spoke, their very white eyes turned down again, pulled a few wooden piers from behind, and wiped the surface of the piers with their hands. "Uncle,x60 line pipe," I said, "I came from the village below, and your village chief sent a message to you to repair the terraces on the slope behind the house." "I won't fix it!" The old man said stubbornly. The terraces should be built. "No repair!" “…………” The old man suddenly stood up and stared at me ferociously. I thought he was going to come over and hit me, but he suddenly spread his legs apart and rode a horse. The trousers he wore had no crotch and hung down a piece of black meat. He said, "I have no trousers!" I was taken aback by the sight. Rotten head does not seem to think so however, he goes down to grab a firewood stick to light a fire to smoke with the hand, say: "Without Pants?!"! The more you don't repair the fields,x52 line pipe, the poorer you are without pants. Laziness and poverty are linked together. Two people take turns to wear pants and have to repair the fields! "I won't give him pants!" Cried the old woman nervously, and she got up and left the heated Kang and sat down on the threshold. I gave him a pair of my pants, and the crotch was worn out in three days. "Uncle," I stopped the rotten head, "we just send a message, the village head said he came to check five days later, the field weir has not been repaired, the spring relief money is completely gone." The old man shouted, "No more?"? The relief money given to me by the state is gone? Son of a bitch Liu Tianshui, he said to give him Jin Xiangyu, he gave me relief money, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x70 line pipe, and now he said not to give me? Didn't he just think I didn't give him a wolf cub? "Wolf cub, what wolf cub?" I just won't give it to him! In the autumn of the year before last, the second brother of the Zhang family in Xilinwa caught an old turtle. I asked him to release it. He said he would release it. As a result, he took it home and cooked it. I wanted to release the wolf cub. He knew that he wanted the wolf cub again. I saw his heart clearly. Not only did he not release the wolf cut, but he also used the wolf to attract the wolf! His heart sank, and he ate whatever he gave him, and if he didn't, he asked for it with a black face! "Where did the wolf cub come from?" "It was given by the old Taoist priest!" "What about the wolf cub now?" "The wolf took it away." "Is there a wolf here?" I looked at my uncle, but my uncle did not turn his face. I suddenly realized that my uncle left us out of guilt and embarrassment, but he took the wolf cub to Hongyan Temple. He saw Lao Dao not only to ask for Jinxiangyu again, but also for the wolf cub. Suddenly a picture came to my mind: there was a secret place in Hongyan Temple, perhaps a field surrounded by wood, or a cave, where all kinds of young beasts were fed. Once these beasts had the ability to survive, Lao Dao released them. Uncle then took the wolf cub, but Lao Dao was ill, so he entrusted the wolf cub to the poor mountain man, who fed it for a few days and then let other wolves take it away. Believing that my feeling was accurate, I tilted my head and looked out of the doorway. There was an old ewe tied to a wooden stake beside the thatched toilet outside the mud house. The ewe had a long nipple. The milk of the ewe supplied the couple with drinking and also fed the wolf cubs. I left the heated Kang and walked straight to my uncle, who was smoking there with a long tobacco pouch made of the old man's bamboo pipe. I took a puff from the tobacco pouch and said, "Uncle, you are great!" "Great?" My uncle didn't seem to understand, and his eyes were a little scattered. I only said that you threw the wolf cub to death, so you brought it to Hongyan Temple. Hongyan Temple should really set up a base to feed the young beasts who have lost their ability to survive. ” What did you say? Ziming, I don't understand. "Lao Dao is a wildlife protector?" "I don't know." "Did you give the wolf cub to Lao Dao?" How is this, how is this possible? Isn't that hurting me? Uncle Cat Waist went out of the doorway. Looked at us all the time, saw my uncle walk out of the house, then said loudly: "This is impossible, the captain is a hunter, how can he raise a wolf cub?!"! Don't you think so? Fu Gui gave a cry and said, "You intellectuals are not as good as a dog. When you are clever, you are clever. When you are stupid, you are more stupid than anyone else." Oh, I kind of woke up and slapped me on the forehead. Out of the house, outside the red sun in the sky, stretched his limbs to exercise his muscles and bones, and said to his uncle that the smell of pickled cabbage in the house was so strong that I could hardly breathe. My uncle said that this was the poorest place in Shangzhou, and it was a shame for you to come here. I said it was really a shame. How can I live this life? My uncle said that it was in such a place that there were wolves. When I told him about the wolf I had seen on the way,316ti stainless steel, my uncle fixed his eyes and asked him in detail about the size and color of the wolf, saying that it was the ninth wolf, and that there were four others in the area. lksteelpipe.com