Send you a small dumpling.

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Send yoSend you a small dumpling.Send you a small dumpling.u a small dumpling.

The world can't stop meiko from dying and dying, and the bullet screen is calculating how much this Nar is worth after being killed once. A game of meiko's Nar died in a fancy way, and Ye Ze forced to carry and finally saved the decline. The other party's crystal was pushed, and the live broadcast room was full of people who called K God's thigh father. Roll, "Ye Ze sent a word to meiko.". The familiar voice, like the ice broken into particles, fell on the snow. Hearing Ye Ze's voice, the bullet screen became more dense. It was originally: Turned into a bullet screen fancy confession. Bullet screen content is more and more wonderful, just as the painting is almost finished, Xiao Ran simply put down his pen and watched the bullet screen with relish. After grinning and accepting the call from his old father, a game anchor who had not been a person for a long time looked at the bullet screen and calmly opened his mouth: "I feel sorry for those of you who are still watching the live broadcast at two o'clock in the middle of the night." This sentence is definitely not a favorite fan. At first glance, it is a group of people who have no X life. I really feel sorry for you. If you want to see something, you should see something with self-restraint. Do you understand self-restraint? Like what "Pride and Prejudice", do not know this book, your heart is thinking of the K God, there is a little bit like, a look that does not like to talk to people, but also his mother's grace and courtesy. Say get out of here. "" "Meiko is starting to show off alone again." No, no, no. No rhythm. Besides,Inflatable bouncer, the captain can't see it. He just slipped away. Xiao Ran packed up his things, turned off the computer, and was ready to go to bed. Listening to the live broadcast, I heard more than two o'clock in the middle of the night. Just to hear the sound of his keyboard. There will be three or four classes tomorrow morning and one or two classes in the afternoon. There are a lot of classes. Exit the live broadcast room and turn off the pad, leaving only a small wall lamp. In the live broadcast room, meiko, the mebb machine, continued to show off. "Slip off. Will it be live broadcast tomorrow?"? No live broadcast,inflatable water slide, tomorrow we will go to the captain's house to eat hot pot. "Live eating hot pot?"? You are very ugly, and you think you are beautiful. End the line. End the line. Read more books and watch less live broadcasts when you are free. Then he closed the live broadcast room directly, leaving fans with a confused face. When he got up in the morning, Xiao Ran was still a little depressed. Because I don't often stay up late, I can't stand it once in a while. Washing good-looking time did not even have time to change clothes, pulling the big pink snail slippers to the kitchen to prepare for Ye Ze to make lunch ahead of time. Passing by Ye Ze's bedroom, looking at the closed bedroom door, Xiao ran sighed silently. I don't know how he can stand staying up so late every time. Professional players are really hard. Sunlight through the kitchen window, falling on the cold marble flow table, is a ray of light, with a trace of warmth, rare good weather. The sky also lost the gray mist of yesterday, and was blue as far as the eye could see. The long hair behind inadvertently hung down with the movement of the body, sweeping across the cheeks, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, some prickly itching. Xiao ran used his clean little finger to hook the messy hair hanging in front of his chest and pin it behind his ear. The beef was finely cut into small cubes of similar thickness, and after cutting the beef, Xiao ran looked at the time again. There is not enough time to stew the beef over a low heat for a long time until it is crisp. After struggling for a while, Xiao Ran directly boiled the water and fried the ingredients. Xiao Ran has a habit of making curry beef in this way, adding a small piece of curry when he turns to low heat to stew beef, which will also add more flavor. There is a strong smell of curry floating in the air. After the potatoes and carrots were thoroughly cooked, Xiao ran put in the remaining curry pieces and stewed the beef slowly over a low fire. Ye Ze doesn't like carrots. Last night, when Xiao Ran was sorting out the ingredients in the refrigerator, Ye Ze was standing behind her. Xiao Ran was a little embarrassed, because when he stood there, he would remind her of being carried to the counter this morning. He took a bottle of yogurt, tore off the transparent plastic wrapper outside the straw, inserted the straw and handed it to Ye Ze with his backhand. Ye Ze frowned, took the yogurt and put it aside. At first, Xiao Ran thought he didn't drink yogurt, but when he looked back, he found that his eyes were on carrots. Xiao ran understood in seconds, holding the refrigerator door sideways and looking at the thief frowning, he had the idea of teasing. Do you want to eat carrots? I will cook curry beef for you tomorrow. ” Ye Ze looked at Xiao Ran, frowned more deeply, took Xiao Ran's hand on the refrigerator door, closed the refrigerator door, and said, "Cool." Xiao Ran was Ye Ze holding his wrist, did not get the answer to the question can not help but ask again, "you do not eat ah, will not like it?" The voice of the second half of the sentence could not stop laughing. Ye Ze did not speak, but squinted at the pear vortex blooming at the corner of Xiao Ran's mouth. Pear vortex with rain mouth smile, pear vortex shallow face pretty. I'll make you curry beef tomorrow, and I'll put less carrots in it, just to enhance the flavor. Listening to her gentle chatter, Ye Ze could not restrain himself. She took her shoulder and pushed her against the refrigerator door. The other bracelet was behind her waist, and the hand on her shoulder was quietly behind her head. The hair is like a waterfall, with a faint fragrance. In the palm of her hand is her silky hair. In fact, Xiao Ran is not short, and 165 is not short. However, relative to Ye Ze's height, she is really a little short. He lowered his head and covered his lips silently. Simply swimming in her lip line to describe her lip line, this kind of dragonfly has been difficult to satisfy. The tip of her tongue swept the gap between her lips, and also brought Xiao Ran some unbearable slight hum. Leaf. Ye, Ze Xiao ran was startled by his own voice, and the voice overflowing from his lips and teeth was so greasy that people were softhearted. Stop, slightly away, Ye Ze pulled back a little distance. Xiao Ran, can you, every time not. The words have not finished,Inflatable mechanical bull, there is no following. Xiao ran stood on tiptoe and reached out to cover Ye Ze's mouth. Don't say it. Ye Ze to Xiao ran suffused with water light eyes, that kind of want to kiss her impulse has been unable to restrain. Her hand was still tight on his lips. The palm was warm, and the skin touching his lips was tender and soft.