Infinite horrorInfinite horrorInfinite horrorInfinite horror

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Infinite horrorInfinite horrorInfinite horrorInfinite horrorInfinite horror

Zheng Zha interrupted Chu Xuan and said, "Why did you say that?"? It's not like in those bloody novels, you died on the distant battlefield in order to block the arrow for me, damn, you seem to be giving your last words.. You are my partner in battle. ! You can't think of death easily! Chu Xuan nodded his forehead. He thought about it and said, "I see. The things that should be explained have been explained clearly. If you don't understand something, ask Hao Tian..". Though the wisdom of mortals. "But isn't the wisdom of mortals against the wisdom of mortals also a way to become stronger?" Zheng Zha felt more and more that Chu Xuan's words were ominous, and he wanted to say something else. Just then, there came a deep and incomparable sound of footsteps from the distance, and the footsteps were ringing in a dense mess. Gradually, in the very distance outside the city wall, there appeared dense red torches, which were connected to the horizon in the very distance, and then they slowly approached the castle. Although it is said that there are only more than ten thousand strong orcs, but when they really gather together, they are all over the mountains and plains, looking ahead to the endless torches, as well as the sound of admiring footsteps, which alone makes people feel dull and crazy. The Uruk Legion has arrived, and the conquest of Helm's Deep has finally begun! Zheng Zha took one look at Chu Xuan and said, "You have always been so rational. Why did you suddenly have a premonition of such a humane act?"? Anyway, other things are all right. You have to work hard to live, don't you? If you already think you might die, then you're really dead, anyway.. You said until the fourth order of the genetic lock is unlocked. Don't you want to get feelings and feelings? Do you want to get back everything you should have as a character? Then try to live first! Speaking of distribution rights, Zheng Zha stood up and went directly to his skeleton horse,L Methylfolate Factory, then turned over and got on the horse, pulled the reins and jumped onto the wall platform. Uruk-hai is the most powerful race among the orcs, with a violent and changeable personality and a love of bloody killing. Unlike orcs or orcs, they will not shrink back when they meet a strong enemy. On the contrary, when they meet a strong enemy, they will fall into a violent excitement. Therefore, this battle is particularly difficult to fight. The Uruk-hai will attack the fortified city by virtue of their numerical superiority. But it is not to recapture the walls of Helm's Deep to withstand the morning. As the torches got closer and closer, the footsteps of the Uruk-hai army became more and more dull and obvious, and when they could be seen with the naked eye, the Uruk-hai army came into the eyes of all, armed to the teeth, unlike those of Mordor who won by numbers. This army was even better armed than some of the conscripted warriors of Rohan, but Saruman the White Wizard was extraordinary enough to build such an iron army. These Uruk-hai are about two meters tall, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Thyroid Powder Factory, wearing metal dark steel armor, wearing steel helmets on their heads, most of them are holding dragon lances more than three meters long, and some of them are carrying machetes and bows and arrows. The armament and quality of this army are really extraordinary. Aragorn spoke loudly to the elven longbowmen, because he spoke to them in elven language, so Zheng Zha and others did not understand, but they did not care to listen to what he said, everyone held their own weapons, as the Uruk-hai got closer and closer, finally, the Uruk-hai army stopped an arrow away. Warfare Here we go 。 [Episode 6: The War of the Ring III Chapter 8: The War.. Warfare! (II)] The Uruk-hai stopped. One of them, a tall, officer-like Uruk-hai, stood on a large rock. He roared loudly all around. The sound spread all over the battlefield. As he roared, the second Uruk-hai roared, followed by the third and the fourth. Until the entire battlefield was filled with the roar of the Uruk-Hai. These Uruk-hai actually shook the ground with dragonlances or other weapons, shaking rhythmically, and suddenly, the whole earth seemed to shake. At this moment, an old archer could not help but tremble, his bow was now clasped with an arrow, at the moment his hand shook and shot the arrow directly, the next Uruk-hai who was shaking the dragon lance was shot on the ground, and suddenly the whole battlefield seemed to be quiet, and then the Uruk-hai roared in a more crazy voice. Instead of falling into fear or terror at the sight of the blood, they became even more frantic, and the Uruk-Hai roared up to the edge of the wall. Preparation! Shoot! Aragorn stood beside the elven archers, and when the Uruk-Hai approached, he immediately pulled out his sword, then pointed at the distant Uruk-Hai with a heavy wave and a loud roar. When Aragorn's roar came out, there were at least fifty elf longbows with arrows in their hands, and the arrows in the hands of other elves were glowing green, and then scattered, and the elves with arrows had shot down more than a few Uruk-hai each. Only a series of shooting, the moment rushed out of the Uruk-hai has been killed and wounded a large number of. But after all, the Uruk-hai were not wearing paper, and many of the short shots on them were bounced off by their steel armor, and the Uruk-hai immediately roared up as if nothing had happened, and for a time the momentum was great. Zhang Heng was standing beside Zheng Zha at the moment. As soon as he took a look at the scattering method of the elves, he immediately cried out in surprise: "Shooting with flowing arrows?"? That's great! Really want to see what they have hidden archery skills not used, if there are people who can use nine arrows to shoot the sun, that is really.. Zheng Zha replied casually,Thyroid Powder Factory, "You can wait here slowly. If you are not afraid of death..". You'd better put your head outside the wall. I saw quite a few Uruk-hai with bows and, oh yes, crossbows too.